How to Solve the World’s Biggest Problems

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What does it take to tackle some of the biggest problems that is facing our planet, our species and the entire ecology of this planet?

It takes guts, a lot of hard work, a vision and a little inspiration.

Plastic Bank is a Vancouver based social enterprise committed to preventing the flow of plastic into our oceans by monetizing waste and improving lives.

The company focuses mainly on recycling plastics that would otherwise end up in the ocean.

I had the privilege of having Lindsay Christianson, the Business Development Director at Plastic Bank on the podcast to talk about what it takes to tackle such a global problem. Lindsay works closely with David Kratz the founder of Plastic Bank in making their vision a reality.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How much plastic waste is generated each year and how much of that ends in the ocean
  • How does the plastic bank turn waste plastic into cash
  • How does plastic circulate in the ocean and why is it a global environmental catastrophe
  • The mindset needed to tackle a problem this big
  • How to create a compelling message that will move the masses
  • What opportunities exist for entrepreneurs in social plastic and the environment


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