How to Control Your Impulses

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An impulse is an urgency to do something we know might not be good for us.

And here is the irony, self control is the very thing that makes your impulses uncontrollable.

Let’s quickly define what an impulse is. An impulse is an urge for something that distracts you from what you ought to be doing. So many of us struggle with dealing with impulses or urges that feel like we have no power over, like overeating, binge TV watching, checking the phone too much, even the habit of smoking starts with an impulse.

Listen in as I walk you through a process of understanding your impulses and give you a simple yet powerful way to deal with any impulses that comes up.

And what I will tell you is probably what you’re not expecting to hear.

I want this podcast to be a resource for you that you can come back to every time you feel an impulse to do something.

This is something you can listen to time and time again whenever you feel like you’re giving into something you know you don’t want to.

What You Will Learn:

  • What an impulse is.
  • How understanding thought will help you deal with impulses.
  • Why an impulse has no authority over you.
  • Dealing with the difficult emotional response of an impulse.
  • Why resisting an impulse doesn’t work.

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