The Fight Against Child Hunger With Derek Juno

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It is a shocking statistic that one in four children in north America is malnourished. Yes we live in a world where we have allowed a quarter of our children to go hungry. To my guest today this was an unacceptable problem that needed to be resolved. Derek Juno, is the VP of growth of Mealshare, a company whose sole purpose is to end child hunger. Tapping into the power we have as everyday consumers to serve more than ourselves, literally, when we purchase a meal. Derek and I discuss:
– What sets them apart from others in taking the challenge of changing the world at this scale?
– How do you get others onboard and believe in a noble cause?
– Do they use traditional marketing to spread their message or does a cause based business require a different approach?
– What is the mindset of a consciouspreneur with a social change mission?
– What opportunities exist for other entrepreneurs to partner up with their cause?

child hungerDerek is part of a movement that is creating a solution to the major and I would say shameful problem of youth hunger in this country. I mean, why is that we have 1 in 4 of our kids going to school hungry? I was in shock when I learned this statistic but just as much as it was shocking it was also a moment of pride to know that we have entrepreneurs like Derek Juno and the founding team of Mealshare, Jeremey Bryant and Andrew Hall, part of my generation, the millennials, that have taken it upon themselves to create programs that aims to end youth hunger. It takes vision to dream big but it takes audacity and courage to turn that vision into a reality. Derek made me stop and reaffirm my belief in the consciouspreneur , the one who does not accept the way things are just because it is the norm, He charges in the direction where through his efforts he brings in massive change in the world. Derek shares it all on how you can create an organization that can spearhead the solution to the social issue you want to solve. I am absolutely proud of the Mealshare team, listen to this conversation as it is guaranteed to fire you up in taking action.

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