How to Prosper By Creating Your Clients

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Every business needs clients to thrive but to do that you have to be able to get them first. There is really only 2 ways of doing that, one is by attracting clients and in today’s world of social media the and prolific marketing is has taken a life of its own.

Simply put, attracting clients means that you create a persona for yourself and brand yourself as the person, product or service that can solve someone’s pain point.

We see examples of that everywhere, it works really well for larger well known brands, it used to be that attraction marketing required a bit of a celebrity as a prerequisite but now it is the other way round attraction marketing is now the vehicle to create a celebrity status. And this type of marketing capitalize on that persona to attract and retain clients.

The other one, which has been the more traditional method of doing things has been to go out and get the clients yourself what is traditionally called prospecting.

But today in this conversation, Shenan and I, want to explore the idea that comes from a very well known book called the Prosperous Coach, which is the idea of creating a client.

Now I know that this can seem a little unsettling. To create a client can come across as arrogant and event manipulative but there is another way of looking at it that can be very empowering and even transformational.

There is the idea of providing service that we hear all the time well this takes that to a whole new level. It is simple yet a very powerful concept that can change the way you do business. Some of the concepts we discuss are:

  • What is the paradigm shift that needs to happen to go from attracting clients to creating clients and prosper.
  • The state of mind needed to start creating clients.
  • How you can master the art of creating clients with a mindset shift

Stay tuned for part 2 of this conversation that will be released next week you can find the link to it on the facebook group.

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  1. James January 29, 2018 at 7:14 am Reply

    This was an eye opening podcast about creating clients. I always thought about social media as the main way of getting clients but this opened my eyes to a new possibility.

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