Every entrepreneur starts a company with an idea to solve a problem that they see in their world. And you have to be a little crazy to believe that you can solve the problem when others don’t.

My guest on the show today started his entrepreneurial journey with the thought that work and fun does not have to separate.


But then he spotted an opportunity which then later evolved into a multi-million dollar business that now spans across the globe.

jayesh parmar, tech ceo, ceo, entrepreneur

He is the founder of Picatic a company that you may heard or even used in the past to organize your event but if you haven’t and you’re into organizing events Picatic lets you create, promote, and sell tickets for a variety of events.

In a few years the company has been growing fast!


Already covering north America, most of Europe and Australia it is now expanding into major global markets around the world.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jayesh Parmar the CEO of Picatic and his team also have a very strong social mission that has already raised millions of dollars for charity around the world with a target of raising $100 million dollar in 2018.

Jayesh talks to me about what it is like to grow a company from scratch and take it to a global brand.


What You’ll Learn From This Conversation:

  • How do you determine your products unique value proposition
  • How to evaluate you startup’s chances of success using the PTMT model, product, team, market and traction.
  • How did he overcome his biggest challenge that almost forced the company to shut down.
  • Understanding the life time value of your customers to drive exceptional customer service.
  • How to market your brand and measure it using the Net Promoter Score or NPS that Picatic has been using to become a game changer in their industry.

This was an engaging conversation but super fun and light hearted because Jayesh reminded me how important it is to know your mission but not forget to have fun while going through it all.

He definitely taught me a few things that I hadn’t considered before and he shared moments in his business that would make most people quit.

One of the most important things to learn from Jayesh’s experience is picking the right people to build a team. When you have a mission driven business the people you chose to bring on board are sharing more than just a workplace they share a common vision on how they see themselves being part of creating a world they would want to live in.

Coming Up:

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Our next event coming up this month on February 20th in beautiful downtown Vancouver. The event is called PHOOD with Consciouspreneurs people having open and organic discussion with other entrepreneurs. The evening revolves around people sharing their answer to this one powerful question: If You Had the Whole World’s Attention What Would You Say? Everyone that comes will be invited to speak of their deepest desires and dreams with everyone there. A chance to speak as if the whole world was listening. I mean just imagine It is going to be an evening filled with some powerful moments that will make everyone there dream big, think big an put into motion a ideas that lets them do big. So if you want to know how you can be part of this evening check out the events page at voebeheard.com/events or join the facebook group and get all the details there. I sincerely hope to see you there.

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