The coaching and personal development field is one of the fastest growing industries and one of the leading sources of this rapid growth is coming from organizations that are seeking to maximize their human resource potential. My guest today, Kristin Constable who is the Founder of Winning Defined by You has helped very large organizations build award winning coaching and leadership cultures for the past 10 years and now as a Solopreneur she works with organizations, entrepreneurs and business leaders to bring values driven leadership into their lives and their companies.

She talks about:

  • Why does the fear of failing stop individuals and organizations from creating change
  • What does success mean for her
  • The mindset needed for success
  • How does she stay motivated when things get rough
How To Build a Coaching Practice in Leadership and Organizational Development Kristin Constable

If you are a coach my friend then this podcast is a must. Kristin Constable is a Professionally Certified Leadership and Business Coach. From a very young age Kristin has worked in the field of learning and development, as a young entrepreneur she is making her mark in the industry through award winning leadership and development programs that not only build the strength of the organizations but that support the growth of each individual within that organization. I asked her some tough questions and her answers are very insightful for anyone looking to do the same.

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