A friend of mine came up to me a couple of days ago and said that he had been laid off from his job…

that he was in for the last seven years.Seven years! That’s a long time to be in a job with one company.

The downsizing in his company left him feeling that his world had somehow come to an end; that everything around him was collapsing. He was in a state of fear not knowing how he was going to put food on the table, how he was going to support his family. He felt like he was being crushed by this sudden circumstance of being unemployed.

I know the feeling that my friend was going through, because I’ve been through it.

I was laid off five years ago from a company that I was working for a long time. I thought I was in an absolutely safe environment that nothing would happen to my safety net but that was taken away from me in a moment, without even a notice, without any indication one day I was called into the office and my boss said that my services were no longer necessary.

I had automatically and almost instantly become obsolete.

That is when my world came to a collapse.

But even in that moment of despair, in that moment of feeling like the world around you is crumbling there is a tremendous opportunity there if we are willing to see it that way.

What do I mean by an opportunity? When I got laid off I was in a position where I had to rediscover myself. Going into another job seemed like a possibility for another layoff and broken dreams.

There was something within me that felt a certain level of relief, I felt like I had been set free.

That is when I discovered that I needed to go deeper into who I was as a person, what my passions were and what were the things that lit me up.

When I did that the entrepreneurial journey revealed itself. I started exploring the things that I really wanted to do that is when I started my last business.It was an experience of a lifetime, something that felt absolutely thrilling but at the same time absolutely scary to start with.

Why was that because I was going onto a path that I hadn’t before. I had my first business when I was but for a longtime I worked in the corporate world as a professional, but this was again an opportunity where I got the chance to dive straight into the thing that moved me the most, the things that lit me up the most.

If you’re going through a time where you’ve either been laid off from a job or you got fired, please know that this is a tremendous opportunity that’s just waiting for you to explore.

An opportunity to ask yourself the questions that are really going to matter at the end of your life.

It may feel scary to go in a direction you don’t know anything about but let me remind you that when we are born we know nothing, we are void of any knowledge.

We are a clean slate with nothing on it, but we learn and learn fast and we forget that we come from a place of nothing and we create all this within us. We learn, we create, or we acquire the knowledge that’s necessary.

You did not know how to walk when you first started, you did not know how to ride a bicycle before you learn edit, you did not know any of the things that you know today when you first came into this life.

Business is no different; it is the same the same process.

What we do not know today are the things that we can be masters of tomorrow.

That is something that we forget when we want to go on this path, but this is where I want to remind you that mastering something starts with the first step of moving in the direction of what seems absolutely scary at first.

So again, if you’ve been laid off this is a tremendous opportunity to dive deep and ask yourself what are the things that I love to do and then…

put them on a piece of paper and…

start formulating ideas on how you can achieve them.

if you have any questions any comments or you’re feeling like you need some answers. Please do reach out to me in the comment section here below or you can send me an email at [email protected]. I would be more than happy to answer your questions.

My friend keep a strong faith in whatever you have right now and know that everything is going to get better tomorrow.


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