Is Your Honey Attracting Wasps

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Is Your Honey Attracting Wasps?

This week’s episode is a continuation from our last week’s journal where we talked the little known and often misunderstood idea of “creating” clients for your business.

If you haven’t yet heard part 1 I highly recommend you go and do that because in that episode we talked about what does it mean to create a client and how that can literally transform your business.

This week we are gonna dive deeper into

  • How we must fight our conditioning in order to thrive just like nature intended us to and how that relates to creating clients for your business.


  • We are also going to talk about The nature of the human experience and how simple and ordinary interactions can be used to deliver powerful experiences for your clients.


  • And Why creating clients can be effortless when you understand the basic principles it operates on.


  • How you can stop attracting the wrong clients and start creating the right ones this is why I titled the podcast is your honey attracting wasps. You’ll see this reference somewhere around 2/3rd into the podcast and it will absolutely how you may be doing this yourself.


  • And of course finally we will lay out a step by step approach that you can follow to create your ideal clients.


Our next VOE event is coming up this month on February 20th in beautiful down town Vancouver at the Profile Co-working Space. The event is called PHOOD with Consciouspreneurs people having open and organic discussion with other entrepreneurs. The evening revolves around people sharing their answer to this one powerful question: If You Had the Whole World’s Attention What Would You Say? Everyone that comes will be invited to speak of their deepest desires and dreams with everyone there. A chance to speak as if the whole world was listening. I mean just imagine It is going to be an evening filled with some powerful moments that will make everyone there dream big, think big an put into motion a ideas that lets them do big. So if you want to know how you can be part of this evening check out the events page at or join the facebook group and get all the details there.

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