What would you expect from a man who called his company the Rock Star Academy? You’d expect him to be a rock star and that’s exactly what Dustin Hogan is. A thorough bred entrepreneur who started his first business at 17, let it all go to pursue his dreams of becoming a DJ and then used his charisma and ability to perform in front of hundreds to now becoming a world class speaker holding seminars that fill up rooms. We sit down in his beautiful condo to talk about:

  • How all that he has done in life has added to his strengths or weakness?
  • What are the skills necessary to be an engaging speaker?
  • How does he deal with the insecurities that come with putting yourself out there?
  • And finally, what does it take to organize and promote large events that attract the size of crowds that his events do?

speakerI first met Dustin Hogan when I attended one of his seminars, instantly I felt a powerful connection with his message and knew that I had to have on the show. His story is very similar to mine and in the world of the entrepreneur his is the story we can all relate with. His journey has not been straightforward but that is precisely what has made him who he is and that is why I wanted to share his story. He has had the courage to do many things throughout his life, things that felt right and that eventually brought him to where he is today connecting the dots now as he looks backwards.

A creative and an artist Dustin has always inspired himself and others to leap into the unknown and follow their dreams. He is now living his own as a man who has dedicated his life’s work to helping others achieve what they desire by breaking the shackles of their mind.

The podcast has now been going on for a little more than a year old and I hope that you’ve been on this podcast before but if you haven’t and don’t know what we are all about then let me tell you more about VOE; I bring in successful entrepreneurs on this show to share their stories, struggles and more importantly lessons to inspire other entrepreneurs to take action. I do a weekly podcast interview and a solopodcast called the Consciouspreneur Journal. You can find both of these on our website at voebeheard.com or on iTunes under Voice of The Entrepreneur. I have had over 40 guests on my show so far from various industries and background with one thing in common they all are heart centered entrepreneurs that love what they do and the people they do it for. We also just recently started the Consciouspreneur forum where I invite a panel of entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges and opportunities in a particular industry in front of a live audience of emerging entrepreneurs.

We are soon launching our second masterclass on How To Spread Your Message As A Quiet Leader Without The Need To Be Loud. I have partnered up with Faris Khalifeh who is a leading quiet leadership coach. We feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for all the quiet leaders that attended and gave us the chance to serve them we know they got a lot out of them because we got some rave reviews. Faris and I will be taking all the lessons that we have learned and are continuously learning in growing our communities and business to show you how to spread your message in the same way and become a successful quiet leader. So, if you are a leader especially a quiet leader then check out the course launch page at introvertleader.voebeheard.com to learn more about the content and start dates.

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We just successfully launched and completed our first ever VOE event called the Consciouspreneur Forum; these forums will be held monthly basis and the topics will cover various industries from across the board but all revolving around Consciouspreneurs with a mission and purpose to make their local and global communities better. If you like to learn more, the details are on the event page voebeheard.com/events

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