How to Enhance Your Intuition

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Intuition might be our greatest super power that we have learned to mistrust. I know it sounds a little crazy but think about it. Intuition is the ability to understand or recognize something about a situation or circumstance without conscious reasoning without having to break things down and analyzing the facts. But how many of us can confidently say that we trust our intuition? few if any. We fear being wrong even though our instincts say that we are right, we can mistrust our intuition under the fear that we haven’t yet weighed all the facts. But decision making for entrepreneurs is not always about checks and balances it is more than that.

It is so critical that we, as consciouspreneurs, learn how to trust and hone our sense of intuition which more often that not comes in the form of a little voice telling us the right thing to do.

In this Consciouspreneur Jounral I discuss where intuition comes form and why is it important we improve our intuition by sharing a couple of quick and easy steps each and every one of us can employ to make our intuition stronger.

Let’s break down where intuition comes from.

Intuition is formed out of our past experiences and knowledge. Because your brain is constantly processing and storing information it is also constantly comparing patterns from current environmental cues to stored patterns from previous experiences. Or to put it simply, the brain is constantly comparing patterns of what you experience in the moment to what it has experienced from the past. When a current pattern matches an old one that is when you feel a hunch, a gut feeling or what we call intuition giving you a strange feeling of knowing without knowing how you know.

Now why is intuition important?

• Intuition can make you faster in decision making if you let go of the constant need to analyze and evaluate every opportunity.
• It can help you focus if you follow your intuition then you can put attention on things that matter as opposed to those that don’t
• Intuition can help you have a higher average of accuracy. Meaning, if you combined intuition with a meticulous analytical approach then your decision would overtime become more accurate.

Her are three ways to improve your intuition.

Listen And Respond

In order to improve your intuition you have to listen to it more. If you’re intuition is telling you something go into a quitter space and listen to the internal voice, ask it questions like, “what are you trying to tell me?” meditate so that your subconscious can be activated and allow yourself to listen to what often gets silenced by the overwhelming distraction of our modern world.

And I believe, like other muscles in the body intuition gets stronger as you train yourself to listen to it. If you don’t exercise that muscle or listen to your instinct, that muscle will atrophy and become useless.


When you take time to write or journal, you tap into thoughts, feelings and ideas you’re not typically conscious of. This is an excellent way to uncover hidden messages or insights about a situation that requires attention.
• Keeping a journal will help you get to know yourself better helping you to clarify your thoughts and feelings. It can even help you break through mental blocks and resolve problems.
• Journaling is most effective when you do it with pen and paper and let your thought guide your hands.


Rr in the words of my coach Diversification. When you bring in exploration in your life by diversifying the experiences you engage in you push your limits and when you push your limits that is when you are able to maximize your growth. Intuition works in the same way, if your brain received the same input that it has always received without any change, you’re never going to be able to build out and maximize your intuition.

A very powerful way that has built my intuition over the years in my life has been traveling. When I experience many different circumstances and situations that I have never experienced before in a relatively short period of time it is like putting my intuition through a boot camp. The experience and more importantly the lessons learned through those experiences helps build your intuition.

Intuition is definitely a superpower but I believe a superpower that you are not born with but something that can be developed overtime.Sometimes we assume that some people are more intuitive than others, and that might be true to some extent, intuition is also something that can be grown and improved for your benefit and the benefit of the lives of the people you’re serving.

It seems to me that our own intuition is one of those things that we often mistrust and think that others have better intuition than we do – I think this is one of the unintended consequences of the data and technology driven world we live in – it’s so easy to look at data and forget that our subconscious and our souls also possess a simple yet unquantifiable data of its own that we should also be considering.

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