Building a Business After the End of Corporate CareerDavid Chandler, co founded a recruiting company after working for more than a decade in corporate recruiting in the high tech world. He has himself recruited and placed over a 1000 highly qualified candidates and has made a mark for himself and his company in the industry. He shares his knowledge on how an entrepreneur can build a brand when competition is thick focusing on relationship building as a business model rather than the traditional sales driven mindset. He also talks about what he looks for in candidates that he interviews to determine if they would be a right fit for the position he is filling. Finally, Dave talks about the skills necessary to succeed in a corporate or entrepreneurial environment that are just not taught in school.

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  1. Mike July 10, 2017 at 5:24 pm Reply

    building a brand is a tough thing to do. Listening to David talk about how he created his brand made me realize it is more about the service that you provide and not all the other things we think about. Great interview! thanks

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