It is one of the biggest gamble you can take in life to leave a stable high paying job to pursue your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur but for my guest today, not going in that direction would have probably cost him a lot more than what he was afraid of losing. For 25 years Amit Garg was in a six-figure corporate finance career but when he realized that he was a square peg trying to fit himself in a round hole for all those years he finally took the leap of going in the direction of his heart and became a professional photographer and camera man. He discusses:

– What was his tipping point when he decided he had to make a change
– Why he believes so many people stay stuck not in their jobs but in their mind
– Why discovering that he was a creative introvert set him free
– What his message is to all the professionals who are silently suffering

Going From Corporate Finance to Creative Photography with Amit GargThe single biggest reason this podcast exists is to help you become a better more successful entrepreneur so take some time to explore this podcast I know that you will find something here that will answer a question or solve a problem that you have, form topics ranging from branding and design to mindset and belief systems that are often the cause of what keeps us behind. Ladies and gentlemen, we are refining the message at VOE to speak a very well defined type of entrepreneur, the consciouspreneur. An entrepreneur that is driven by a cause, who is conscious of their purpose, they bring change, they build people and they serve their community that is a consciouspreneur. The consciouspreneur community is growing and if you think you want to be part of the movement then check out our Facebook group. Good things get better when we share so invite other entrepreneurs that you think will stand to benefit by joining us.

If you’re looking for inspiration then stay tuned because today we have an entrepreneur who decided to leave his career in his mid 50s that earned him an annual 6 figure income, he decided to leave it all behind in letting his creative side drive the rest of his professional life. Today, standing at the frontier of his own self-discovery, Amit, has embraced the creative in him, in a way that brings him the greatest joy and fulfillment. From a corporate financier, he has made the leap to become a successful photographer and videographer proving to the world and more importantly himself that any dream can come true if you pursue it determined enough. Amit is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs as he’s defied his own internal fears and turned them into success through the pursuit of what makes him truly happy. So listen through the whole conversation because you will hear things that is bound to shift your perspective.

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