You may not know this but majority of the consumer products that you and I use are designed for men, not women. From our beloved iPhones, to doors and windows and even life saving products such as air bags.

According to my guest today, Danielle Kayembe The coded patriarchy which is the concept of for men by men still persists in almost all aspects of our everyday life. She is a passionate young entrepreneur dedicated to empowering women through her global work in business, social impact, writing and public speaking.

While this male centric reality of the consumer market seems at first archaic and negative, it represents a massive opportunity for women centered innovation that can be tapped into by young entrepreneurs. Danielle and I discuss:

For Women By Women with Danielle Kayembe

  • The coded patriarchy and how it limits female consumers.
  • How does female driven consumer spending benefit us all.
  • The state of women in entrepreneurship and how it is evolving.
  • What are the billion dollar opportunities that exist for entrepreneurs investing in women centered innovation.
  • How can men be more aware of this and support this cause on an individual level.

I first got introduced to Danielle when I read her white paper “The Silent Rise of the Female-Driven Economy” it was a powerful text that at first took me by surprise but then inspired to learn more about the issues she was discussing.

She breaks down this complex social narrative in a way that can be understood by everyone but more importantly Danielle inspires us with her actions that are geared in the direction of changing this status quo.

She is proof that a social cause can be just as compelling driver for the entrepreneurial spirit and her story is guaranteed to light you up if you yourself have dreams of creating a mission driven cause centered enterprise.

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