It has long been believed that the natural leaders of our society were extroverted types, those that were outspoken, bold and assertive. But today as we recognize the power of the quiet soft spoken demeanor we realize that you don’t have to be LOUD to be a great leader and my guest today, Faris Khalifeh, a Quiet Leadership Coach named among the Top Six Life Coaches in Vancouver is a living proof of this shifting paradigm.

Faris joins me to talk about
• The struggles you face as a quiet leaders in finding your voice in meetings, groups and networking events.
• How you can be overshadowed by louder more assertive personality types.
• And how you can feel pressured to act extroverted.

finding your voice as a faris kalifehThis is also a moment for celebration for me because Faris Khalifeh was one of the first guest on the show almost a year ago and now I invited him back on the show to share how he has been able to grow his Quiet Leadership community in the last year as we have grown side by side. I am also proud and honoured to say that Faris and I have joined forces to launch something that we believe will help many Quiet Leaders more effectively spread their message.we have launched a masterclass on How to spread your message as an introvert or quiet leader. Faris has been able to create a movement with his message that is quiet yet powerful enough not to ignore and simple enough to easily understand. We will be taking all the lessons from his quiet leadership and what I have learned growing VOE to share with you how to spread your message and also share some really helpful tools to help you cope with the sometimes overwhelming pressure of navigating our loud world. Faris and I sit down to discuss the challenges quiet leaders face and also talk about our own struggles as quiet leaders but more importantly how to effectively deal with them. There are some real insights that come up in this conversation.

Faris is a Quiet Leadership Coach and named among the Top Six Life Coaches in Vancouver by Crowd Wellness. Coaching clients from all around the world with different backgrounds, cultures and industries, he focuses on uncovering what is true and unique about his clients and assists them in building on their key strengths.

Additionally, he serves on the board of directors for the International Coach Federation (ICF), teaches business, leadership and personal development courses at various colleges, run multiple mastermind groups and facilitates corporate training and seminars.

Faris is also the founder of the Vancouver Quiet Leadership community and Meetup group where he hosts monthly events to support leadership among introvert personality types.

Before becoming a coach, Faris was a marketer serving clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. His experience spans industries including education, hospitality, fast moving consumer goods and automobiles.


Quite Leadership Masterclass to learn more about the content and start dates.

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