Creativity and Productivity

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Productivity and Creativity is Usually Never Talked About in the Same Sentence.

In this podcast we explore how being creative can boost your productivity in a way that you might not expect.

But what I have seen in my own work and in the work of all my guests that have come on the show is that the highest levels of productivity is achieved during times when the mind is allowed to be the most creative.

Now, note that I said allowed, yes for so many of us being creative can be a scary proposition and that is why we lock down our creativity fearing judgment and may be even ridicule.

But if we let it come through, creativity can bring you in a space where being productive becomes a by-product

but before we can be productive we must allow ourselves to be creative.


The Secret to Productivity Lies in Fostering Creativity

In this episode we are going to discuss how you can create room in your life for creativity by understanding the nature of thought.

Creativity brings you into a State of Flow.

You Can Hack Your Creativity by Learning:

  • How creativity is an impersonal power available to us all.
  • Creativity is a vehicle to manifesting your genius.
  • Creativity allows you to step outside of the realm of thinking and open you to the beauty of life.
  • Reminding yourself to be curious is one of the best way to be creative and therefore productive.

Listen in Above…


About Shenan Charania:

Shenan is a transformational coach work with men and women who are endlessly curious about how they can live their lives with more passion and meaning. People that are on a mission in their lives that is bigger than their own interests. His work revolves around bringing out your potential and what makes you special.


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