My guest today is part of a powerhouse duo that is changing the landscape of the fitness industry. With no experience in the business but just a pure passion for healthy living, Julia Zu and her partner opened up Sunberry fitness  offering women classes all the way from high energy hip hop ad Zumba to yoga that you can do in the company of furry little bunnies as they hop around you. Julia is Fearless and determined entrepreneur, she left her high paying corporate finance job to pursue her dream that today has become an award winning sensation


We sit down in her studio and Julia talks about:

  • Why did she leave her high paying finance job to start a fitness studio?
  • Why is it that too many young people are leaving their corporate world to pursue their true passion
  • What would she teach if she could teach a class of entrepreneurs

And she shares her secrets on

  • How to complement and use the strengths of each partner in a business.
  • Getting the right type of help at the right time
  • How to raise money from your close network to grow your business


If you have found yourself saying “what the hell am I doing running this business?” then listen on because my guest today will help you battle your fears. If you have taken the brave decision to open a business in an industry you have no experience in, then Julia and her partner will inspire you as they have done the same and come out on the other side with success trailing behind them in just a few short years. Their studio Sunberry fitness have won several awards for their out of the box service that is empowering women to take back control of their health. A truly inspirational story of perseverance against odds that is bound to lift you up and teach you something that you can apply in your business.



I hope you enjoyed this weeks interview if you did take a few moments and jump over to itunes and rate this podcast.



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