The fitness industry claims the highest number of failed businesses even for seasoned entrepreneurs. Now if you had no experience or background in the fitness industry would you start a radically new fitness studio let alone make it a success? Well that is exactly what my guest today has done. Coming from a corporate engineering background Nancy Lin and her partner have founded Sunberry fitness where they offer women fun filled super cool classes like k-pop and bunny yoga. Yes you heard it right yoga with bunnies

We sit down in her studio and Nancy talks about:

  • Why did she decide to start a fitness studio?
  • What mistakes has she made and what did she do right
  • How her professional education actually helped her business be successful

And she shares her secrets on

  • How do you differentiate yourself in a fast changing industry and more important how do you stay relevant
  • What can entrepreneurs do to get over doubt and the inner voice that says “you’re not good enough”
  • What should you ask yourself when making a leap into being an entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur who is feeling a little out of place or you get that nagging feeling of “I don’t belong here” then listen on.

Nancy Lin and her partner are both fearless entrepreneurs that jumped both feet in the deep end when they decided to open their dream fitness studio. In an industry where they had no experience, Nancy comes from a traditional sometime rigid world of engineering and her partner comes from a corporate finance background.

It feels good to say that they are rocking it with their business and have won several awards for their out of the box service. Truly inspirational story that is bound to lift you up and teach you something that you can apply in your own business.

I love seeing fearless entrepreneurs going for it and just doing all they can make things happen in their business, their lives and relationships. I hope you enjoyed this weeks interview if you did take a few moments and jump over to itunes and rate this podcast.

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