As entrepreneurs we can find ourselves at the cross roads of combining our passion with our business, very often seeing those as two separate things. But In doing that we can lose the meaning form our purpose and misjudge how we show up in standing behind our mission. April Bellia, the founder of, Granola Girl, a healthy granola product that is now sold in over250 grocery stores in Western Canada joins me to talk about:

• How she was able to combine her passion for food while creating a brand identity that empowers women
• How she carved a niche in an industry dominated by giants and got her product on the shelves of major retailers.
• How her brand speaks a message that draws in her customers?
• And why she thinks every entrepreneur should be a community builder first to be successful.

Creating a Buzz That Gets Clients Calling You with April Bellia

April Bellia is an entrepreneur with a baking background who has grown her company, Granola Girl, to serve 250 grocery stores in Western Canada in a short span of 3 years. April is a wife and mother of 3 teenagers so she understands the importance of providing good and healthy food for families and young people. She is quickly becoming the poster child for a conscious entrepreneur that is making an impact. What I really enjoyed about this conversation is April made me stop and think a few times. Thinking about how she operates her business in a simple yet powerful way that once you understand can change the way businesses function. Her energy was contagious and the mission behind her product was even more compelling. This is an entrepreneur that has tapped into her potential and is not afraid to let it shine as bright as it could. There are real, applicable lessons that she shares with me in this conversation.

Find April Belia:
Faceook: @theGranolaGirl
Instagram: @aprilbellia

Resources mentioned:

Masterclass on How to spread your message as an introvert or quiet leader. Course page

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