This time of the year is a great time for reflection, reflecting on what has worked and not worked over the course of the last year. But there is something that many of us forget to evaluate and that is did we enjoy our time along this journey or did we feel that our lives were enhanced as a result or instead of doing that did we get consumed by what did not work and beat ourselves over it. I wanted to bring you something powerful to think about as you may have some time to reflect and talk about our thoughts and how they significantly can affect the quality of our lives.

Conquer Your Thoughts By Changing How You See ThemSo, for this week’s consciospreneur journal I decided to do something different. I invited a phenomenal mindset coach and a good friend, Shenan Charania to discuss the perception of thought and more importantly how we perceive thought can help us defeat the negative spiral that our incisive thinking can keep us in. There is a common perception that thoughts are what control our behavior so it makes sense that controlling our thought process should be the key to altering our behavior, but before we can do that it is crucial to understand how thought works. Shenan and I dive deeper in this very fascinating subject of how we think about our thoughts, which may be the key to unlocking the some of the mysteries of the mind. Some of the things we discuss are:

– What is thought and how it can be seen a s a collective energy
– How do most people perceive thought
– How can changing your perception of thought help you live a more fulfilling life while reducing stress and anxiety that has become so prevalent.

I met Shenan a few years and he was the first guest on my podcast since then he has grown his business significantly and I think the reason for that is because he is mastering the art of helping his clients maneuver around how they see their thoughts and in general their thinking process. I have had first hand experience of being able to manifest a reality that I desire by shifting my perspective on my thought process by first understanding how my thoughts create my reality. You will see in this conversation how Shenan and I will dissect this seemingly complex topic to help reveal something that would hopefully shift your own perspective. I invite you to facebook group if you have any questions around anything we speak of on this conversation. I’d say listen to the parts that resonate with you a few times and discuss the implications that that could have in your life.

Coming Up

I have partnered up with Faris Khalifeh who is a leading quiet leadership coach to deliver this masterclass and co-hosted by myself. The last one we did was really successful we had over 25 quiet leaders that participated giving us the chance to serve them and we know they got a lot out of the masterclass because they shared some incredible changes they were seeing in their lives. I wanted to give you a quick rundown of what you will learn in the masterclass.

Week 1 the topic will be Uncover, which will help you understand who you are, your personality traits, values, strengths and your why.

Week 2 is about Creating, by uncovering what is true and unique about you from week 1, you will learn how to create the message that reflects your authentic self and speaks to your audience/community.

Week 3 will be about Communicating, at this stage of the Masterclass you will be clear on who you are, your message and audience. Now you will learn how you can communicate your message effectively to your community.

And finally, week 4 will be about growing your brand and/or your business by learning strategies that work to grow your community organically and spread your message more effectively.If you consider yourself a quiet leader who is looking to spread your message, get clarity on who you are, grow your brand and your business then check out the course page at to learn more about the content and start dates.

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We just successfully launched and completed our first ever VOE event called the Consciouspreneur Forum; these forums will be held monthly basis and the topics will cover various industries from across the board but all revolving around Consciouspreneurs with a mission and purpose to make their local and global communities better. If you like to learn more, the details are on the event page

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