Building a Farm to Build Hope

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We take for granted The food that we all on our plates, wasting on average of 40% of we grow. Comment below if you think this is an exaggeration. Most often we don’t know where our food comes from, who grows and what it takes to grow it but one thing we know for sure that there will be more of it waiting for us every time we go to the store. But there are some part so of the world where this luxury we so take for granted is only a dream. My guest today Mashud Mohammed, a struggling young entrepreneur form Ghana has a dream to build a farm that can produce clean healthy food for the people in his community where for so long malnutrition and literally food poisoning that comes from agro chemicals has been devastating families and young lives. He shares with me the story of struggle of his people and his own in a heartbreaking yet inspirational conversation about:

– Why does he want to champion this cause for his people despite the enormous struggle?
– What are the challenges he is facing to build this sustainable farm?
– What is his message for entrepreneurs here in the west?

Building a Farm to Build HopeI usually invite successful entrepreneurs from all over north America to talk about their business and business related topics but this week’s podcast interview is a little different. 3 years ago a man from Tamale Ghana approached me to help him build a small aquaponics farm. He told me that young children in his village were dying because of the poisonous chemicals that farmers were using to grow crops on the already barren land. I did whatever I could to help, taught him the technology behind this style of farming, helped him design a small farm and even helped him with some funding. But tragedy struck his family and one day he lost his 1 year old son in a fatal motorcycle accident. But despite of this tragedy, the courage Mashud has shown is inspirational. A year after his son’s death Mashud has taken the cause all over again with a renewed fervor even more determined to build his farm and rescue his community from malnutrition and literally death caused by desperate attempts to grow food in a place where the soil has no more to give. His biggest challenge is that of funding, with no money and a constant pressure to put food on the table for his family Mashud has had no choice but to forgo the construction his farm until a new source of funding can be established. He shares with me his struggles. I must warn you some parts of his story are gut wrenching and emotional, despite that he speaks with a smile on his face that can very well bring a tear in your eyes, it did mine.

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