The 3C Motivation Model

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We’ve all heard that motivation is the fuel that is needed to drive us in a direction of our choosing yet with so much motivational content around us why is it that we sometimes find ourselves less and less motivated and nothing more that distracted?

I think it is not despite the amount of motivational content that is around, it is precisely because of it that we find ourselves in a state of inaction. Seeking motivation could very well be the new drug of our generation because seeking motivation keeps us falsely believing that we are in a state of action and the lack of actual action that could bring us closer to what we desire keeps us coming back for more. Even though it has been bastardized by social media, motivation is not all BS.

Recent studies show that sustained motivation is the key to getting long term results. A compelling yet straightforward model that can teach you how to check what drives you to pursue a particular goal, and how to find appropriate support to reach it while feeling happy is the 3-component model, by professor Hugo Kehr from the university of Munich. This 3C model is an empirically validated theoretical model that can help you not only evaluate a certain opportunity to see if it aligns with you but it can also help you stay motivated as you work towards achieving it.

“3C” stands for the three components of motivation which according to Kehr is represented by the Head, Heart and Hand. These three component scan be represented by partially overlapping spheres when it comes to creating and sustaining motivation (see Fig. 1).

motivation model

Head which represents the explicit or self-attributed motive is the rational sphere responsible for our rational intentions, our goals and values and the commitment to act on achieving those goals.

Heart which represents the implicit or unconscious motives is the emotional sphere. The heart accounts for“the fun and pleasure associated with an activity; unconscious needs and motives, but also fears and bellyaches underlying an activity.”

Hand which represents our perceived abilities is the sphere of skills and abilities. The hand provides the necessary skills, knowledge and experience needed to bring a task to fruition.

In the center, the portion where all three spheres overlap is called the state of flow. This is where motivation becomes intrinsic to the process as all 3 components are fulfilled. The individual feels aligned in their goals, likes the task at hand and has the necessary skills to complete it.

If however, one of the two components out of the three is not fulfilled the person will struggle with either doing or avoiding the task.For example,the person may like engaging in the activity but lacks the cognitive support for that activity as could be the case for a temptation or vice. Or, in a reverse situation, where the activity meets the cognitive goals of an individual but does not feel pleasant then again the individual will struggle and experienced demotivation. In both cases, willpower will be needed to either perform the activity and suppress aversion or doubt or to disassociate with the task and avoid temptation. Willpower and self-control can be momentarily successful – but it also induces a loss of energy and can, in the long run, lead to over-control and health problems.

Implementation of the 3C model

To implement the 3C model you must ask yourself 3 questions:

  • Head: Is this activity really important to me?“
  • Heart: Do I really like this activity?“
  • Hand: Am I good at this activity?“

Based on the answers to these questions, appropriate support can be sought. For example if your head and heart agrees but you feel you lack the necessary skills to complete the task then you must first ask yourself is this a perceived or a real lack; a shortage of confidence in your abilities or an actual lack in the hard skills needed. If you discover that there is indeed a lack of skills you can acquire those skills with the appropriate training, coaching or even self-education.

If you want a detailed implementation guide download the 3C Motivation checker that will allow you to see which sphere you are lacking in, find a solution to help you stay motivated and bring yourself in the state of flow.

The 3C motivation model
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